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We belong together...

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She woke up, about 8 am. The sun streamed softly on his handsome face. Aragorn could never love me in such a gentle manner, she thought. My ada may be, well, my ada, but he's in LOVE with me, and he LOVES me. She caressed his long soft hair and snuggled up close to him.

"My little Arwen...are you awake?" he whispered.

"Yes, Ada." Arwen rubbed her cheek against her handsome ada's shoulder. "Hold me. Hold me close. I need you so much."

He cuddled her close and kissed her baby soft lips, feeling her warmth close to him. He could not possibly experience this kind of tenderness with any other woman--she was fragile beyond all belief. Elrond loved her and would fight to the death for his right to love her.

She felt his body rise slowly and sweetly, and she felt herself grow delightfully moist. Shyly she whispered, "Ada, I need you. I love you so much."

They undressed slowly, enjoying each other's shyness, and when they were fully nude, Elrond pulled Arwen into his arms, and rocked her tenderly, as though she were still a newborn Elfling. They laid down, and they made love with all the gentle love in their hearts. When they both climaxed, they cried out softly in pleasure, and wept, knowing they loved each other.

"Oh, Ada!" Arwen cried out. "My sweet Ada vanimelda! Oh, how I love you!" She caressed his long silken hair as they rocked back and forth in bed lovingly.

"Arwen, Arwen...Arwen!" Elrond moaned softly. He covered his daughter-lover's face with tiny little kisses, and murmured breathily, "I love you so much..."

She clinged to him, holding him as they breathed softly near each other, weeping softly. Elrond rocked her like a little baby again, and she ran her slender hands up and down his muscled back.


~Hope y'all like it, whoever reads this.

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