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Peace of Mind

Author: dancing_salome
Title: Peace of Mind
Pairing: Mr. Darling/Wendy
Rating: R
Category: Incest, NC in a dream sequence.
A/N: Thanks to japanpeterpan for beta.

Mr. Darling awoke with a start, passing a trembling hand over a face wet from sweat- or perhaps tears. Only then did he realise that he wasn't in his bed, but standing by the closed door to the nursery. He rested his head against it, trying to slow down his beating heart. It wasn't the first time he had woken up from this particular dream.

He had started dreaming soon after his children had returned. At first he only remembered them vaguely, but slowly more and more details became clear in his mind, images of a deeply unsettling kind. It was the same dream, over and over, and every time he woke up from them, he woke up upset and aroused, and deeply ashamed.

In his dream he was in a room, elegantly and sumptuously furnished, but he rarely remembered any details. His whole focus was one the trembling form of a girl. She was naked, bent forward over the polished surface of a table. Her long hair lay tousled around her head and hid her face from him, but her shaking body showed him that she was crying. Despite that, he felt no pity in his dream, but invaded her with a force he had never dared to use in his dealings with his wife. The taking of the unwilling girl was an exquisite pleasure, but he always woke up before he had managed to bring himself to completion. He woke up with a throbbing manhood, and dared not wake his wife, but lay there until his arousal fled. And in the darkness he could hear a dark amused voice laugh at him, calling him a fool and a coward, and Mr. Darling wondered if he was slowly going insane, hearing voices like this inside his head.

This time, however, the dream had went on further. The girl had moved, and when her hair fell from her face he could see the beautiful profile of his own child, his only daughter. He tried to pull back then, but suddenly he felt someone standing behind him, and a sharp was held to his throat.

”Go on,” the man whispered. ”I know you want to. I wanted to. Now you have to do it in my place.”

And Mr. Darling had moved again, both from fear of the weapon, and from lust, and the man behind him had pressed himself closer, and his long hair had tickled Mr. Darling neck, and then he had woken up. And this time he wasn't even in his bed, but outside the room where his children slept.

For a long time he stood there, but then he slowly, his hand trembling, opened the door and stepped inside the nursery. The moon shone so brightly that he could clearly see his shadow dance over the wall as he neared Wendy's bed. Everything was silent, and he went to her bed without a sound. This was wrong, so terribly wrong, but he was still filled with the dream. Perhaps if he did it just this once, the dreams would go away and he would find his peace.

”Do it,” the voice in his head said. ”She isn't a little girl anymore. She changed when she was away.”

Wendy stirred and Mr. Darling froze, hardly even breathing. The girl's movement made her hand fall down beside her, and Mr. Darling took it. It was small and soft, and without really reflecting on what he was doing he placed it on his crotch. He stared down in amazement of what he had done, but he was unable to let go. His cock moved, and he pressed her hand against himself, feeling the heat of her skin though his pyjama pants. He closed his eyes as he started to rub himself against her palm, his own hand covering hers.

It took only a few moments. The release that had been denied him for so long now overwhelmed him, and only in the last moment did he regain enough of his sense to let go of her. He stood a while longer, feeling how his semen made the fabric wet and uncomfortable.

"Fool!" The dark voice spoke so close to his head that Mr. Darling spun around, convinced that the speaker was standing right behind him. But there was no one there, just himself and the sleeping children. "Fool, why did you content yourself with so little?"

"This was enough," he whispered into the night. "Now I can find peace, and I will forget this as if it had never happened."

But as he crept away to his own bedroom he could hear a mocking laugh, and he knew that he had not found peace, but only a short respite.
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